• On reclaiming the term “girl band”

  • The ethics of supporting your favorite artists

  • 2017 in music: my top 5 albums

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Fast fashion in the age of social media

I first discovered the disturbing truth behind cheap, trendy clothing a couple of years ago when I watched a Netflix documentary called The True Cost. The film uncovered the horrifying reality of fast-fashion: underpaid sweatshop […]

On reclaiming the term “girl band”

The term “girl band” is one that evokes a feeling of resentment. It has often been rejected by women in music for being degrading, and ultimately, sexist. I get it. It’s infuriating to always have […]

The ethics of supporting your favorite artists

*A follow-up to my post about Jesse Lacey of Brand New. As someone who has always felt emotionally attached to the bands and artists I listen to, it can be difficult to let go when […]

In the aftermath of another school shooting…

  Maybe it’s the fact that our nation has seen 8 school shootings since the beginning of 2018. It’s February. Or maybe it’s that when we talk about the recent school shooting, people have to […]

Meat is murder: my journey to becoming vegan

“This beautiful creature must die This beautiful creature must die A death for no reason And death for no reason is MURDER” -The Smiths I was twelve years old when I first questioned the behaviors […]